Happy Diwali.

Diwali is the festival of lights. On this day of celebration, the whole world is lighted up. Diyas, lights, rangolis, everywhere… colours and lights are ruling the city.

But this is not the real brightness, which we need to show, we should lighten up our minds and hearts by burning up the negative motions of life, by giving up the negitivity and sadness only we can be real happy. We need to fill our lives with the lights of goodness and positivity. May the festival of lights bring happiness and radiance in the lives of everyone.

-Afrida Ahmed

Life of a girl.

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Taking birth and surviving as a girl child, in this society is rather hard. Pursuing our lives, fulfilling our dreams is really hard for us girls. Long ago, girls were not allowed to go out of their houses, they were asked to be inside their houses, not allowed to talk too much with new persons and so on. But nowadays, a lot of freedom is given to girls as compared to the olden days. But, no matter how much freedom they are give, girls are set back by some other means. Lots of crimes are going on, on the girls, rape cases, kidnapping, etc. The girls are treated as a prop for pleasing and so on. The crimes are increasing day by day. The society should understand the value of a women in the society, she is not a prop for your satisfaction, she is the start and end of the life on earth, so respect her presence and value her.

“True Barbie.” -Barbie in true sense.

Barbie, we all dream about the life she had. It seems so beautifu. Her life is full of happiness and pleasure. But how did she feel,no one knows. Barbie was not happy with all those fancy things, she was unable to do the things which were real. She was designed to impress others not to pursue her desires. She never wanted the life she has, she wanted to be free, she wanted to be real, not to be coved up to impress others, she wanted to be happy with her own characters not what she was put into. We are all barbie, in our own world and with our own qualities. In true sense Barbie was not barbie because of the life she had, she was barbie because of thoughts which were kind and generous, she was barbie because of her golden heart, which we all need to have.

What a world it is.

what kind of world is this, where the people are able in all definations but do not sympathize and help the poor and the needy and do not take care of the people needing help.

Nowerdays people are selfish and do not think about others welfare and happiness. People just do whatever they like without thinking about the consequences and ways in which their action is going to harm others. They are so much obsessed with selfishness that they do not care about others at all.

Hope that the world will change in positive way in the future.

The love of a mother for her child.

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Mothers are always in thought of their child’s welfare, she can sacrifice anything for her child.
So, we should love our mothers and respect them. They do whatever we want, the give us love and warmth with all their heart, and they want nothing in return but just a little bit of love and respect from their child. So we should always take care of our mothers and keep them happy.‚̧


CHILD: “Happy birthday mother. What do you want as your birthday gift mamma?”

MOTHER: “Your success and happiness in life,my child.”

CHILD: (in tears)

MOTHER: This is not what I asked. Please, keep smiling.


Thank you for being there mom.

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Mothers are angels indisguise whom God has sent into our lives to make our life beautifu. So we need to value her presence.


You are my best freind.
You make me smile.
Talking to you, makes me forget all my troubles and pains.
You are the only one, who has always been there to wipe my tears.
You taught me the true meaning of life.
You made me strong.
You cheered me up, every time I was feeling low.
You loved me no matter what.
Thank you for being there MOM.
I love you.